All kind of digital scales
We have small to big digital scales (0.1g to 3Tonnes)
New in store
We have in out stores Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate
River rubricant
Multipurpose oil
River Fire Stop
specially used to stop fire from vehicle, kitchen etc...
Used to test not only Covid-19 but also different atmosphere temperature.
River sewing machine ropes
we have all kind of ropes in our stores
River Fire Extiguiser
find different fire extinguisher in our store or contact us to for any inquery
Chemical Products
Diamond Mix, Caustic soda, JK White Cement all for construction purporse
Chemical Produts
Diamond Mix 20 L, Iron Oxide (Red, Yellow, green) Colors, all for construction purposes
Inside our Stores
You find every thing you need, or you ask to be helped
Inside our Stores
Every thing you need, is at your service

Diamond-Mix ni iki?

River Silicone
Color: White
River Silicone
Color: Black
River Caustic Soda
Combination wrench
Chemical Produts
Pvc clear hose pipe
Sewing machine rope
Methacrylate adhesive
Contact Adhesive 1L
Neutral Silicon Sealant