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Milk flavour

Flavouring of Beverages,
Bakery, Biscuits, Candies
& Confectionary, etc

Orange Flavour

An essential complement
to flavour all your diet recipes

Vanilla flavour

Vanilla is a very popular flavouring.
It's commonly used 
in sweet desserts and drinks,

Pineapple flavour

Pineapple essence can be added
to baked goods and confectionary,
sweet dishes - custard, cakes,
pudding and pastries.

Mango flavour

Used On the food and beverage
applications side, mango's unique
flavour profile is a complement to
global spice blends

Strawberry flavour

The flavour of strawberry can be used in the creation of many different types of baked goods, from pies and cakes to snack crackers and more

Apple flavour

The Natural Apple Flavoring is
Naturally at ease with strong
meat, mutton, lamb or game.
It also Flavors the mashed
potatoes, leeks, celery or
salsify steamed.

Ginger flavour

People have used ginger for
thousands of years to treat
ailments and add an
earthy flavour with a spicy
kick to their food

Flavoured drink powder

The flavoured instant powder
drink are pure juices obtained
from fresh products harvested
with organic fertilizers.