About us

RIVER TRADING LTD is one of the leading hardware in Kigali with more than 10 years of experience in construction, Electrical, plumbing, wall plaster, and chemical materials used in construction.

RIVER TRADING LTD Started as a small hardware shop in 2010 but it has been grown to become one of the largest hardware, Located in Kigali serving the entire country and some of the hardware shops in the region. With its main retail shop, located in Nyarugenge district, Kigali city.

RIVER TRADING LTD is known across the country for high-quality construction, Electric cables, plumbing, wall plaster, chemical materials used in construction, tile, and many others related all for residential and commercial buildings.

RIVER TRADING LTD imports most of its products from different countries such as Kenya, China, India, and Dubai city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

RIVER TRADING LTD has a solid reputation, in the Rwandan building sector for combining experience with high-quality products and responsive customer care.

RIVER TRADING LTD is committed to providing high-quality products and on-time services delivery that meets the customer need and ensures the satisfaction of our customers.


Kigali Rwanda (Central Africa)
KN 59 St (Avenue Gloria)
KN 1 Rd Plotº 84(Muhima)

Head Office: +250 788 386 303
Town Office: +250 787 380 514
Muhima Office: +250 788 735 441


Contact: River trading Office

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