Eslewedy Authorized Distributor

Construction chemicals


Diamond Mix

20Litres jerrycan (liquid)

Diamond Mix

5Litres jerrycan (liquid)

Diamond Mix

0.5Litres jerrycan (liquid)


Diamond Mix

 1Kg Powder

Diamond Mix

25kg Powder

Diamon Mix

200L barrel (liquid)


River®Gypsum Plaster

Used as a binding material
used also for plastering,
or the manufacture of plasterboards
and slabs,

White Cement

Used for repairing marble tiles
and sheathing walls, floors,
and roofs.

Wall Putty

It gives a perfect
finish to the walls
used on rendered walls,
precast walls, concrete, etc.


Iron Oxide

Used in polishing applications,
pigment production,
magnetic recording fabrication,
photocatalysis etc...

Universal Colorant

High-strength color concentrate
Used for water based
and enamel paints

Universal Colorant

Used to tint base paint to get desired shade