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Electrical Materials                                      

Apparatus, Electrical protection, Cable ducts, Batteries, Cables and accessories, Electric reel, Tool boxes.

All plumbing

WC, Faucets, Fittings, Hose, Water heater.

Safety protection

Adhesive Tapes, Aluminium profiles, Barriers, Barriers mesh, Binding strips, Binding wires


Step, Ladder, Elevator.

Door locks

Cylinder, Padlock, Key cabinets, Hardware.

Garden & lawn

Hand tools, Portable tools, Road equipment, Watering, Hose clamp.

Site equipment

Signage, Site equipment, Concrete mixer, Wheelbarrow, Material cutting, Generator, Pump.

Screws / fixings

Adhesive, Bonding, Waterproofing, Light / heavy fixing, Stapling, Nailing, Fasteners.

General hardware

Surface treatment, Painting, Lubrication, Steel cutting tool, Hole saw, Abrasive.

Factory equipment

Wood / steel machine tool, Painting, Greasing, Welding, Vacuum, Compressed air.

Power tools

Impact screwing, Drilling and screwing on battery, Percussion drilling, Punching perforation, Chiselling, Grinding.

Hand tools

Storage, Hand tools, Screwing, Pliers, Tightening, Metrology, Tracing tool, Tracing, Sawing, Cutting.


Safety equipment

Signage, Relief, Maintenance, Wiping, Collection, Communication.

Lifting equipment

Lifting, Traction, Lifting accessory, Stowage, Handling, Lifting of loads, Trucks and trolleys.



Bulb, Ceiling lamp, Wall lamp, Desk lamp, Torch ..



Hand Tools | Electrical Tools | Construction Materials| Chemical products